The United Kingdom Open Championships 2021 - Cancellation


Dear Dancers,
In July 2020, Christopher and I proudly became organisers of The United Kingdom Open Championships and The International Championships.
Taking over these major events from Dance News, in a year that has been unprecedentedly difficult for all, we hoped to organise The United Kingdom Championships in January 2021 for everyone to enjoy and get back to dancing!
With regret and reluctance, due to the latest government guidelines from the pandemic and the current lack in possibility of free travel, The UK Open Championships 2021 have been cancelled.
While this announcement is hugely disappointing, we are sure there will be a light at the end of the tunnel, and soon, through 2021, dance events will get the green light and our wonderful, tactile and engaging dance world will be open for all.
▪️ Future dates ▪️
We are excited to announce the dates for The International Championships 2021 and The United Kingdom Championships 2022. Both events will have extra competitions added. Further information to be announced.
▪️ The International Championships
The 27th September 2021. Brentwood.
The 28th September 2021. Brentwood.
The 29th September 2021. Brentwood.
The 30th September 2021. The Royal Albert Hall.
▪️ The United Kingdom Championships
The 17th January 2022 to The 20th January 2022. BIC.
For now we hope everyone stays safe and very much look forward to welcoming everybody to The International Championships 2021 and The United Kingdom Open Championships 2022.
Robin Short
Christopher Short


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